Support your dog with grooming

The muddy and wet season is coming - how do I support my dog in grooming?

Regardless of whether it has a long, short, curly or wiry coat – every dog can use grooming support. But how can this support look like? In this blog post, we give you tips to help you get your furry friend through every change of coat and through every season.

Brushing, washing, bathing, grooming?

Your dog sheds a lot, especially during the change of coat phase, and can use any type of grooming. By brushing the fur, you remove dead hair and prevent matting, especially with long-haired or curly fur. Depending on the breed of dog, you may also remove the excess undercoat underneath the top coat, which is used for insulation and falls out in the spring. In autumn, too, there is a change of coat to a thicker winter coat. How often you should brush your dog depends on the type of coat it has. For most dog breeds, you should brush at least once a week. This also offers the opportunity to check the claws, ears and fur for small animals. Most four-legged friends can enjoy the massage, which also stimulates blood circulation, after an extensive introductory course with the brush.

When washing and bathing, the following applies: as seldom as possible and as often as necessary. Dirt and grime can often be easily brushed out of the coat. Nevertheless, there are situations in which a bath is essential, for example after a play session in the mud or when the dog's fur starts to smell bad. A light shower with clear water is often enough to remove the dirt. Make sure the water is at a comfortable temperature! You can also use a care product for odors and stubborn dirt. You should make sure to use a dog shampoo, as this is tailored to the pH value of the skin. The dog's skin takes on important tasks and primarily serves as a protective layer against external influences and regulates the heat dissipation. Bathing too often can cause irritation.

feed and dietary supplements

Food also affects your dog's coat. For a beautiful, healthy and shiny coat you should pay attention to certain ingredients. Itching, hair loss, inflammation and allergies can also be prevented and avoided in this way. Here it is important, for example, that high-quality proteins are contained by a high proportion of meat. Your dog should also not be lacking in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and various vitamins. With supplements you can support it with these and other important vitamins and valuable ingredients.

At ivvi , we have made it our mission to develop nutritional supplements that are precisely tailored to the needs of your furry friend. We bundle carefully selected active ingredients and make them your four-legged friend's new favorite snack.