Three heroes in the palliative care unit

Whether in hospitals, schools or other social institutions, therapy dogs are versatile and can do a lot of good. They offer understanding without words, closeness, affection, warmth and above all love. Forget the problems for a moment, escape from everyday life for a moment. This is what the four-legged friends make possible. They give moments full of positivity and escapism in a unique way.

Animal-friendly therapy on palliative care units enables patients to do just that. Depending on the patient's wishes, the therapy support dogs are taken to the room, come for a walk or a cuddle. Relaxation exercises, accompaniment to physiotherapy, improvement of fine motor skills or even important conversations or decisions can give the four-legged friend security and increase mental and physical well-being.

We at ivvi stand for exactly such positive moments and know from our own experience how much joie de vivre our fur nose gives us. In order to pass this feeling on to other people, we support the work with patients and relatives in the Homburg University Hospital by the three therapy support dogs and the owner Ewa Hadel with our dietary supplements.

The three therapy dogs Aunt Lisbeth, Trudi and Miss Tilda have completed several years of training and undergo regular health checks in order to comply with all hygiene regulations and to make hospital visits completely harmless and safe. You are particularly strong in character and know how to handle situations with confidence. This work is also important and good for the dogs. Two of the three dogs are already nine years old and are encouraged in their mobility through their work with the patients and the different daily tasks, so that they can work with people for many more years and be a support to them.